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Ecommerce & Shopping Cart Solutions


Ecommerce & Shopping Cart Solutions

Ecommerce is also known as electronic commerce. Ecommerce is the best way to purchase and sales of goods and services through the electronic system. Business owner can sell their products online with the help of Ecommerce website. Omega Web ecommerce solutions, have an exciting website packages that will put your business in e – commerce instantly. Omega web provides an exciting e- commerce packages which offers you basic, rich features with simple and fast tools that allows your clients to place orders online. Our Web design team in Sydney provides two different ecommerce solutions to suit all types of business whether it is big or small in Sydney.

Our web designer’s team in Sydney provides creatively designed, highly interactive, user friendly, affordable ecommerce online shop website at reasonable cost.

Omega Web provides one of the most search Engine friendly ecommerce systems available in Sydney. Our ecommerce solutions are designed specifically for the Sydney market.

If you require an e-commerce that will increase the growth of your business, that is cost effective, easy to administrate, and offers advanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features, then Omega Web is the answer of it. Our web developers in Sydney made one of the most search engine friendly ecommerce systems available in Sydney. Our ecommerce solutions are designed specifically for the Sydney market.

Ecommerce – Sydney Shopping Cart

Design & Layout

  • Free 20+ Professionals and Sleek Design Template
  • Responsive web Design
  • Full Web 2.0  and “AJAX” supports
  • Manage Web Pages using WYSIWYG Editor

Multiple Languages & Currencies

  • Support Multiple Languages (Able to customise)
  • Ready with English, Chinese 中文, Bahasa Malaysia
  • Full Web 2.0 & “AJAX” support
  • Support Multiple Currencies

Payment Gateways & Shipping

  • iPay88, Credit Cards, Paypal, Cheque & COD
  • Postage by zone (weight ranges and fixed)
  • Estimate Shipping – calculations at storefront

Content Management Features (CMS)

  • Full CMS Functionality
  • Support Hierarchical Pages
  • Banners & Promotions Banner Rotate
  • Contacts /Inquiry Form Builder
  • FAQ, News, Photo Gallery, and many more!

Softwares/System Advantages

  • Your Own Domain Names
  • Integrates with existing websites
  • Full Source-code provided.
  • Free Software Upgrades

Online Marketing & SEO

  • Optimise individual products & pages
  • Member Loyalty Point (Basic, able to customise)
  • Google Analytics / Sitemap
  • Gift Certificates / Coupons
  • Email Newsletter
  • Product Discounts
  • RSS Feeds – New Products
  • Search Engine Friendly pages (Every pages!)

Administration Features

  • Browser Based Administration Panel
  • Customer Management
  • Orders Management (Orders Status).
  • Email/Print Orders Invoice (Able to customize)
  • Business Intelligence Report
  • Comprehensive Helps and Documentations

Product & Merchandising

  • Unlimited Product & Categories
  • Support up-to 5 photos per product
  • Import Existing Product
  • Inventory Controls
  • Multiple Products Options (Size, Color,etc)
  • Products Grouping (Manfacturer / Price. Able to customise)
  • Product Image Gallery (Image Zoom / Light Box)
  • Automatic Image Resizing